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A validated emotion measurement tool that 

gives insights into people’s nuanced feelings 

towards products, services and other stimuli.

" This work is a breakthrough. The use of short animations is insightful for emotion.

The use of cartoons with sound makes these powerful descriptions of the depicted state. "

Donald Norman

Author of 'Emotional Design', co-founder of Nielsen Norman Group

What is Premo?

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People’s emotions are the key to understanding their mindset, preferences, and behavior. But how to measure them accurately? People often find it difficult to find the right words to communicate their inner life. Premo is designed to make emotions measurable.

It is an online measurement tool featuring a hand-drawn character (either male or female) who expresses 14 different emotions (seven positive, seven negative) through actions and sounds. These 14 emotions are a fully representative cross-section of the human emotion repertoire.


Quantitative Insight

Premo translates people’s feelings into quantitative data and visual charts, making detailed comparisons between stimuli a breeze.


High sensitivity

Premo is highly sensitive in comparison to other emotion and feeling measurements. It captures both intense and subtle feelings.


Revealing complexity

Most products, services, and situations do not evoke one single emotion, but a combination of different – sometimes opposite – emotions. Premo reveals these mixed emotion profiles.


Cross-cultural validity

Premo has been scientifically validated across cultures. Its non-verbal nature ensures that it can be reliably used by people regardless of language, cultural background or age.

What is Premo

Using Premo

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Premo is built into our online survey platform which is capable of showing every imaginable stimulus and question type. Our researchers start by creating a survey based on your research objectives and questions.

Such Premo surveys can include qualitative questions that reveal the motives behind people’s emotions. While the surveys are taking place, clients can link to live updates and see the data generated.

1. The survey

2. Recruitment and distribution

3. Data analysis and reporting

Premo is delivered as an online survey which participants respond to from their computer, tablet or smartphone. If you have prepared your own stimuli and questions, we can build the survey to your exact specifications. But you can also tell us your research objectives and context, and we will then write the relevant questions, select suitable stimuli, and build the survey.

Once your survey is ready to launch, there are several options for getting it to your target group. You can recruit respondents and distribute the survey yourself or we can take care of that for you. For this, we have an international network of recruitment agencies. We will monitor the response rate and give you live updates about the status of your survey.

We deliver the Premo data to you in an

Excel file featuring automatic data visualizations. We can take it a step further 

by creating a comprehensive research report 

which not only shows the results in charts, text, and visuals but also draws conclusions

about the research objectives. Premo data can be combined with segmentation to

show the results for various groups.


Clients from many different industries have applied Premo to gain insights into their customers’ emotions. To give you an glimpse of what’s possible, we highlight here a few applications. Contact us to find out how we can best help you to generate insights about the emotions of your own customers.

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See how Premo has been applied:

Using Premo

Scientific basis

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Premo was created and developed in 2002 at the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) by Prof. Pieter Desmet. This paper explains how it was developed as a cross-cultural, non-verbal self-report tool for emotions. Self-report is the most reliable and nuanced method for measuring consumer emotions, however, respondents often struggle or fail to accurately express their emotions in words. Premo solves this with its intuitive interface and visual capture method. Premo’s fourteen emotions cover all important consumer evaluations. Premo has been tested and refined in several cross-cultural studies (see paper).

Science Behind

Start using Premo



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