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About PrEmo

A unique, scientifically validated tool to instantly get insight in consumer emotions! People can report their emotions with the use of expressive cartoon animations instead of relying on the use of words.

Low intensity

Because of its high sensitivity, PrEmo can also measure emotions with a low intensity. This allows you to reveal the true and often complex emotion profile of a product. 

Multiple emotions

A design can evoke multiple emotions at the same time. Want to make sure it’s not negative? Using PrEmo allows you to measure both negative and positive experiences at the same time, not only the dominant ones. 

Images & animations

By using images and animations instead of words, PrEmo becomes more reliable and at the same time fun to use.  

Valid cross-culturally

Validation studies have shown that PrEmo can be used cross-culturally and from young children to elderly and deliver valuable data.  

Using the cartoon images, the main question for people is:

To which extent do the feelings expressed by the characters correspond with your own feelings towards the product?

" This work is a breakthrough. The use of short animations is insightful for the emotion. The use of cartoons with sound makes these powerful descriptions of the depicted state. "
Donald Norman about PrEmo - Author of 'Emotional Design, co-founder Nielsen Norman Group

How does PrEmo work?

Instead of relying on the use of words, respondents can report their emotions with the use of expressive cartoon animations. In the instrument, each of the fourteen measured emotions is portrayed by an animation of dynamic facial, bodily, and vocal expressions. PrEmo can be used in internet surveys, both at home or in a lab setting.

Types of evaluations that PrEmo is perfect for

Whether you would like to gain feedback on the emotional impact of a visual concept, a working prototype or an existing product, PrEmo can be used to evaluate all sorts of products, services and concepts, within lab settings, real context or on distance online. Possibilities are endless, valuable insights are certain.


Happy Clients

And even more important, their customers!

A selection of companies that have benefited from using PrEmo:

ASR Netherlands, BIC, Cognision, Decathlon, Energizer, Ergonomidesign, Federal University of Santa Catharina Brazil, Foviance, Gent University, Insights Now, KLM, Lenovo, Liberty Mutual, Mars, Microsoft, OTO Insights, Philips, Proctor & Gamble, Symrise, Syntens, Tehran University, Toyota, Unilever, University of PUC Minas, University of Pretoria, University of South Africa, University of Twente, Wageningen University, Wilkinson



Most of the work we do is confidential. However, there are some very interesting academic cases we can share.


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