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About us

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Scientists and developers behind Premo

Premo was conceptualized and developed by Prof. Pieter Desmet at the Delft University of Technology. Together with Dr. Gael Laurans, Desmet tested Premo for validity in cross-cultural studies (2017)

Premo’s animated cartoons were created by Peter Wassink (Wassink animaties). Premo Online was developed by Emotion Studio.

Emotion Studio is a research and innovation agency in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We were founded in 2011 by Prof. dr. Pieter Desmet and Dr. Steven Fokkinga as a spin-off from the renowned design research department of TU Delft and the Delft Institute of Positive Design – the international pioneer of the ‘Positive Design’ movement. Emotion Studio’s mission is to bring the scientific understanding of emotion to the world of product innovation. What makes us unique is that we develop and validate our own methodologies based on our thirty years’ university research and our international network of leading scientists. These methodologies – of which Premo is one of our best-known – are used by a growing number of multinational companies and agencies around the world.

What we do

Our work can be placed in four categories:

we research what moves people,

we develop new products and service concepts,

we create bespoke innovation methods, and

we train people and companies in our theory and methods.

The common thread running through all these activities is the scientific knowledge about human emotion, needs, and behavior, which we apply to find the most innovative solutions and to make a contribution towards sustainable happiness.

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