PrEmo-study-with-craft-beersEarlier we worked with Carlos when he was working at Pepsico and we had our Get Emocional! workshop in Mexico City. He now is doing his PHD and was assessor of an undergraduate thesis in sensory and consumer research in a Mexican University (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana).

They wanted to compare three Mexican beers and at the same time compare three methods to measure emotions: PrEmo vs Geneva Emotion Wheel and EsSense.

We provided an academic license of PrEmo and are happy to share the results in the showcase below. The main conclusion is:

PrEmo was a quick and easy method to apply with consumers, comparing to EsSense and GEW. It was able to discriminate between products, brand condition and time. There is enough evidence to show that this non-verbal approach is better for consumer research on emotions.

PrEmo showcase: comparing beer and methodologies

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