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Donald Norman

Author of 'Emotional Design, co-founder Nielsen Norman Group

" This work is a breakthrough. The use of short animations is insightful for the emotion. The use of cartoons with sound makes these powerful descriptions of the depicted state. "


ASR Netherlands, BIC, Cognision, Decathlon, Energizer, Ergonomidesign, Federal University of Santa Catharina Brazil, Foviance, Gent University, Insights Now, KLM, Lenovo, Liberty Mutual, Mars, Microsoft, OTO Insights, Philips, Proctor & Gamble, Symrise, Syntens, Tehran University, Toyota, Unilever, University of PUC Minas, University of Pretoria, University of South Africa, University of Twente, Wageningen University, Wilkinson

What is Premo

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People’s emotions are the key to understanding their mindset, preferences, and behavior. But how to measure them accurately? People often find it difficult to find the right words to communicate their inner life. 

Premo is designed to make emotions measurable. It is an online measurement tool featuring a hand-drawn, voice-acted character (m/f) who expresses 14 different emotions (7 positive; 7 negative). These 14 emotions are a fully representative cross-section of the human emotion repertoire.


Quantitative Insight

Premo translates people’s feelings into quantitative data and visual charts, making detailed comparisons between stimuli a breeze.


High sensitivity

Compared to other emotion and sentiment measurements, Premo is highly sensitive. It captures both strong and subtle feelings.


Revealing complexity

Most products, services, and situations do not evoke a single emotion, but a combination of different, sometimes opposite emotions. Premo reveals the mixed emotion profiles of stimuli.


Cross-cultural validity

Premo has been scientifically validated across cultures. Its non-verbal nature ensures that it can be used by people regardless of cultural, background or age to deliver rich and reliable data.

Using Premo

Premo is built into our online survey platform, which is capable of showing every imaginable stimulus and question type. Our researchers create a Premo survey based on your research objectives and questions.

Premo questions can be followed up with why-questions to understand the exact motivations behind people’s emotions. During the fieldwork, clients get a link to the survey results, which shows live updates of the participation and the data.

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1. Creating the survey

2. Recruiting and distributing

3. Data analysis and reporting

If you have your stimuli and survey questions ready, we can build the survey to your exact specifications. But you can also only deliver the research questions* and context information. Emotion Studio will find the stimuli, will write the survey questions, and will build the complete survey.


*Please note the distinction between Research questions and Survey questions.
Research questions are the information that the researchers would like to retrieve with the research.
Survey questions are the questions that the respondent reads and answers in the survey.

There are different option possible in recruiting the respondents and distributing the survey. We can provide only the survey link, or we can take care of the recruitment and compensation of the respondents, distribute the survey, answer any respondent questions, monitor the response rate, and take action to ensure sufficient response. We will also provide you a link through which you can see live updates about the survey participation.

After the survey has closed, we deliver the Premo data to you in an Excel file. This Excel also features standard Premo charts that visualize the data. You can process the results and create a research report (if applicable). But we can also use our expertise to create a comprehensive research report that shows the results in charts, texts, and visuals. The report answers the research questions and draws conclusions. In a simple study we use just some Premo data with some demographics and a short follow-up. In a more complex study, we can also provide detailed comparisons between stimuli, segmentations, and/or advanced statistics.


We are frequently approached by different clients with their research questions. These are the applications that we see coming back the most. These applications give concrete starting points for different projects. Applying a combinations of applications is also possible – we can customize the research set up to your specific needs. [Contact us] to find out how we can best help you.

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Emotional concept


Emotional market analysis

Cross-cultural Comparison

View some of our Premo cases:

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Science behind Premo

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Premo was conceptualized and developed by Pieter Desmet (TU Delft). Animated cartoons were created by Peter Wassink (Wassink animaties). The Premo app was developed by Yancheng Du (TU Delft), and the online Premo version was developed by Steven Fokkinga and Willem van der Maden (Emotion Studio). Validation studies by Pieter Desmet and Gael Laurans (TU Delft).

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Download paper
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