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Why you need this

Identical products may be experienced very differently in different countries. Premo is the right tool to measure these differences as it has been scientifically validated across cultures. Its non-verbal nature ensures that it can be used by people regardless of language, culture, or level of education, to deliver nuanced and cross-validated data. In addition, the characters are recognized by respondents of almost all age groups, making it possible to also measure the emotional responses of children.

Typical research questions

How is our product experienced differently by people from different countries and backgrounds?

How is our service experienced differently by different generations?

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Mitsubishi was interested in the influence of culture on emotional responses to different car models. In a cross-culture study we measured the emotional responses to six car models in Japan and The Netherlands. In addition, we explored whether differences between respondents of different market segments could be found. Culture was found to produce a significant effect on the emotional responses. The study even showed that Japanese respondents showed higher scores on three emotions independent of the car model shown. This demosntrates that there is also a cultural difference in how car models are experienced in general.

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