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concept testing

Why you need this

Companies often develop several concepts before deciding on which new design to launch. Premo helps you understand which concept evokes the emotional responses that fits your vision and achieves your objectives. The visual results of a Premo survey make it easy to compare the emotional results of different concepts. Premo is a sensitive measure that can detect small differences in response. The insights will help you in the development process to arrive at the best solution.

Typical research questions

Which product or service concept is the best match for the intended emotional effect?

What different emotions do the different concepts evoke?

Which aspects of the product concepts evoke the different emotions?

Which concept is preferred and why?

Concept Testing Circle.png



The largest Dutch telecom provider wanted their new phone to create a ‘wow-experience’. They asked us to help them define this experience and create phone concepts that matched it. After an initial study, we defined the wow-experience as a combination of the emotions surprise, desire, and fascination. Several new phone concepts were designed. To evaluate the different concepts and understand which concept created the best wow-effect, Premo was used to systematically evaluate the concepts based on these three emotions. The respondents were shown different concepts and instructed to use the Premo characters to report their emotional responses to each. The client loved that Premo demystified the emotional experience and enabled them to be actively involved in every step of the design process.


KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines


Economy-class airplane meals are not known for their great product experience. The Royal Dutch airline KLM wanted to improve the experience of their intercontinental breakfast which passengers seemed to particularly dislike. Earlier attempts to improve this rating by involving master chefs had failed. Different new forms of the breakfast were conceptualized. With Premo, we measured the experience of the current breakfast and compared it to the evoked emotions of the different concepts. The final concept evoked significantly more positive emotions than the original breakfast. Not only did people experience more positive emotions, the negative emotions vanished. The airplane breakfast was used for all KLM intercontinental flights for a period of two years, which is much longer than the usual span for a meal design.

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