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Why you need this

Premo is the perfect measurement tool to understand which emotions your product evokes. It gives you insight into the ‘emotional consistency’ of your product or service. For example, you can find out whether the packaging evokes similar feelings to the actual product. Or how well your product experience matches your emotional brand identity. And how well these emotions fit with your product vision.

Typical research questions

Which emotions does my product elicit?

Does the product experience match the intended emotional effect?

Which aspects of the product evoke positive emotions?

Which emotions are experienced in the product category?

Which emotions does the product evoke compared to the packaging?

Are the different touchpoints of the company consistent in the emotions they elicit?

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Our client had developed new packaging for a fabric conditioner and asked us to help create a fragrance that would match it. We put Premo to work and collaborated closely with the client by providing live updates of the subsequent survey. Premo highlighted that the packaging evoked a few positive emotions among consumers. The client then identified one specific emotion as the most compelling and synergetic with their product vision. We worked with a fragrance supplier to develop a scent that also evoked this particular emotion. The result was that the fragrance, packaging and brand image converged into a strong and consistent user experience.

Fabric Fragnances

Bureau of Market Research - University of South Africa


A study, led by professor Pierre Joubert for the Bureau of Market Research of the University of South Africa, aimed to find out whether the new product and packaging innovations developed for a brand of chocolate bars resonated with consumers. It was apparent that the same stimulus elicited very different emotional reactions, which would not have been obvious from cognitive verbal rating scales. Participants enjoyed the experience of particiapting in the survey, which held their attention even over a long period

Chocolate bars
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